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Thinking of Buying a Home?

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Contact me now:
Jonie Yu
Cell phone: 206-334-7038

Why work exclusively with me?

I make a commitment to you to find the property that fits your lifestyle and needs.
I provide very detail information about the process of purchasing a home. I will walk you through every step of the buying process, starting from the planning stage to closing.
I provide thorough overview of the buying process to first time home buyers.

When you hire me as your buyer agent, I will:

Set up an initial counseling and information session to determine your needs and construct a property search plan.
Refer you to a lender for loan information and pre-qualification or pre-approval.
Conduct daily research of listings in the current market to identify properties that fit your needs and within your price range.
Arrange showings for you.
Perform comparable market analysis for you prior to making an offer.
Write purchase and sale agreement for you when you're ready to make an offer.
Assist you in price negotiation.
Obtain and review with you the title review and seller's property history and disclosure statement.
Recommend professional property inspectors and review the inspection report with you.
Keep you informed in every stage of the purchasing process.

Give me a call and let me help you find the home of your dreams today!

Find out how much you can afford to buy by using the Affordability Calculator!!

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