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Thinking of Selling Your Home?

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Tips for preparing your home to get it sold:


Remove any junk or clutter from the yard. This includes tree limbs and leaves, but especially goes for junk cars or parts, lawn tractors, etc.
If the exterior of the house is dirty or moldy, powerwash it. If it is in need of paint, get competitive bids if you can't do it yourself.
Keep your lawn well trimmed and edged. Trim trees if necessary, especially dead limbs.
If the driveway is stone and looking lean, add a coat of gravel. If it is asphalt, consider resealing.
Powerwash deck and porch and seal, stain or paint.
Check gutters and downspouts to make sure they are clear and functioning properly.
Add mulch to planting beds and around trees. An inexpensive but very effective way of freshening the look of the yard.
Make sure the exterior (and the interior) of windows is clean and operational.


Arrange furniture neatly so that each room appears as spacious as possible.
Clean windows and mirrors. Replace any cracked window panes.
Make sure all closets are neat, clean, and organized.
Check all faucets, toilets, and electrical items for correct operation.
Clear kitchen countertops.
Clean oven, sink, range top, and bath tubs.
Steam clean carpet. Consider replacing the carpet if it looks old. You may also give a "carpet allowance".
Paint dirty or marked walls or any rooms that are currently painted in dark colors.
Replace the furnace filter. If the furnace is very dusty, find a professional to service it.
Make sure all bulbs are working and have the highest wattage available and safe for each fixture. Brighter is better!


Turn on all the lights in the house.
Open all window coverings.
Check the thermostat to make sure that the temperature is in comfortable range.
Remove pets from the house.
If it's cold, turn on the fireplace.
Leave the house, take a short walk or go grocery shopping.

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